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The regulatory obligations associated with pharmacy and drug law continue to evolve at a staggering pace--even more so with the continued implementation of the Accountable Care Act.  From DEA, DHEC, HHS, Board of Pharmacy (BoP), pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), FDA, OIG, and others, I know firsthand how this alphabet soup of agencies and organizations can create significant levels of liability on pharmacies, pharmacists, wholesalers, manufacturers, physicians and hospitals. Basically, it is not an easy task to successfully navigate through the complex statutes, regulations, rules and business issues that make up our healthcare and drug delivery system.  The liability for even the most inadvertent noncompliance can create large financial exposure or, even worse, the loss of permitting, licensing, criminal penalties, civil liability or exclusion from government contracts.  


I hope to continue to develop this site as a resource for this rapidly changing industry in and around South Carolina and beyond.  Additionally, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me.